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EQ-Flex® Flexible Disc Couplings

EQ-Flex® Flexible Disc Couplings

EQ-Flex® steel multi-plate couplings consist of optimized, maintenance-free and wear-free components. They are designed for a complete system life even under the most demanding environmental conditions. Due to the layer structure of the specially shaped plates, these clutches compensate for axial, radial and angular misalignments between drive and driven machines without generating large restoring forces.

An innovative torque limiter gives the coupling decisive advantages in order to increase the availability of the system and to optimize maintenance costs. For the first time, the slipping torque can be readjusted within a few minutes without dismantling the clutch. With coaxial platform configurations in particular, the time-consuming dismantling of the pitch lines to readjust the clutch is no longer necessary.

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