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Renk Turbo Transmissions

Renk Turbo Transmissions

RENK planetary gears transmit outputs of more than 20 MW and torques of more than 4.5 million Nm. Thanks to their optimized designs combined with high manufacturing quality, they prove themselves particularly in long-term operation and thus ensure the availability of the system over long periods of time. At COPAZ, RENK uses a 3-dimensionally corrected straight high gear with great success. The sun pinion and planet carrier are case-hardened and ground, the ring gear is highly tempered, optionally hardened and precision-ground. The transmission is free-standing, the high-speed clutch is included in the scope of delivery.

The uncomplicated structure of COPAZ, the high manufacturing quality and the excellent efficiency guarantee low life cycle costs. The gearbox is preferably used in turbine systems for power generation as well as in process technology.


  • Most cost-effective free-standing gear solution
  • little need for space
  • Light weight
  • Integrated HSS couplings & coupling casing
  • No system-related internal axial forces
  • Compensation of thermal external axial forces possible
  • Coaxial shaft arrangement (no center distance)
  • Reduced noise emissions due to the double-walled housing
  • High efficiency

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